Caulking is commonly overlooked as a very important element of the exterior building envelope. Caulking is designed to seal joints or cracks, and to protect them from water, dust, insects, air, and noise. Caulking is also done for appearance values. For optimum performance, caulking must maintain good adhesion to both sides of the joint and be able to flex with the joint when movement occurs.

For the best results on a retro caulking project, the removal of all existing caulking is essential. Complete removal of the existing caulk reduces the potential for shoddy workmanship and possible damage to the interior of the building due to water infiltration. The sealants and caulks that we use have been tested in extreme conditions and are designed to provide the best adhesion and sealing to a variety of materials. The long term performance is guaranteed by the nation’s best manufacturers. Caulking beads should be checked and maintained regularly in all applications including: masonry control joints, stone to stone joints, pre cast to pre cast joints, metal to masonry, metal to metal, metal to glass, masonry to masonry as well as joints with wood on one or both sides, building expansion joints, flashing joints and more.