Welcome to CAPITAL FlagPole at Soulard Multi Service. This New Service offers a complete turn key service for flag and banners installation. We now provide hardware, installation and carry several international flags.  Additionally we have a in-house designer to create any custom designs for banners and flags in any size that you may need. Please call us for any of your flag and banner installations needs at

Banner Installation The most common complaint in the industry is: “The banner I put up was only up for … and it fell down”.   It is vital to realize that a Banner hung outside can be subjected to numerous forces, some natural, and some structural. The main reason a banner fails is unfortunately due to substandard installation.  It is very important to select the right type of installation method for the all of the forces on the banner.  The type of construction, tear strength and weight of the banner material are major considerations when making your selection regarding fasteners.  Our extremely experienced team has access to our own telescoping booms (up to 85’ platform height), 35’ boom truck and suspended access equipment.  With the equipment we own, we have access to any height of building.